How food trucks can make a grand statement

| by Kathy Doyle
How food trucks can make a grand statement

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Most food truck operators and owners have a long work day. On top of the daily operations, there are regulations and legal matters to mind, inventory and food chain logistics updates, recordkeeping, truck sanitization, employee retention and so forth. In the line of business decisions and tasks, marketing usually tends to come last.

Food truck wraps have proven to be a way to get a lot of road mileage for the marketing buck. While a food truck wrap is usually a one-time expense, it may be the most critical marketing decision an operator will make, and the wrap can function as a promotional annuity. The wrap is going to tell the food truck story every day. It will serve as the truck's advertising, promotion, product offering, contact info and more. Done well, it can be the creative juice that drives the customer flow.

Wraps shout out differentiation

Selecting bold colors, strong messages and beautiful graphics matter. Professional custom wraps prove their return on investment, especially when operators want their trucks to stand out in a crowd.  

Many operators have different niches that are important to their business. For instance, communicating that the truck offers catering, is eco-friendly, serves gluten-free products, sources locally, or has a franchise offering, can all be crafted through messaging in a well-done wrap. 

At Foodtruck Operator, our mission is to help educate business owners by delivering the latest news and trends that impact all facets of running a food truck business. We often form partnerships with businesses that are compatible with providing operators business solutions.

One of those partners is GCI Digital Imaging, a Cincinnati-based company known for helping businesses make a big splash in a variety of industries, including food trucks and kiosks — two industries that Networld Media Group, publishers of Food Truck Operator and Kiosk Marketplace, report on daily.

As a service to our readers, this partnership allows business owners to submit proposals for food truck and/or kiosk wraps and enjoy a partnership discount. GCI Digital Imaging is a professional firm that helps food truck and kiosk owners produce wraps that keep working for the business every day.    

Inquiries can be sent to at Boom Creative Services, a division of Networld Media Group

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