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Elliot Maras is the editor of KioskMarketplace.com and FoodTruckOperator.com.

Chefs' inspiration: Personal experience drives the process, but other factors enter the mix

Menu development is a team effort consisting of culinary, financial and logistics input. A balance is needed for a menu item to succeed.

Foodservice leaders describe best practices for managing social media challenges

Managing social media messages is an evolving challenge for foodservice operators. A recent panel highlighted how some proactive companies are addressing the task.

Franchise or company owned stores? Successful followers of both models offer insight

The question of whether or not to franchise weighs heavily on the minds of foodservice establishments that must consider the benefits and challenges of offering a turnkey program to entrepreneurs versus having more control via expanding with company owned stores.

Investing for growth? Veterans flag top priorities

A panel during the Fast Casual Executive Summit at the Nashville Omni explored the questions management should ask before investing in growth initiatives.

Dickey's, Quiznos, Firenza execs: Cloud technology gives a lift, but needs advocates

Cloud technology enables companies to respond faster to market changes and empowers employees to perform better, but change doesn't come without pain.

Restaurateurs: 'Don’t hesitate to offer mobile payments'

While mobile orders represent a minority of orders, panelists said the ratio is shifting in their favor. A panel of restaurateurs tackling the issue at the Fast Casual Executive Summit drew an overflow audience.

'Three 15s': Career paths vary, but success requires risk and commitment

Speakers at the Fast Casual Executive Summit demonstrated the importance of taking risks to discover their own unique attributes, and to commit themselves to personal growth.

How foodservice leaders predict global menu trends

Menu experts predict global menu trends at this year's Fast Casual Executive Summit.

Engine maintenance considerations for food trucks

A Ford Motor Company fleet service support supervisor offers some insight on maintaining truck engines that will extend the useful life of a food truck.

California food trucks brave the smoke to serve firefighters and evacuees

California food trucks overcome organizational challenges to serve food to firefighters and displaced northern California residents in the face of devastating fires.

Public officials take note: Food trucks are needed for disaster relief

As state and local governments consider ways to best regulate the growing food truck industry, they should recognize the great resource food trucks present in disaster planning.

Food trucks spring into action to feed first responders in Las Vegas

Las Vegas food trucks didn't hesitate to serve first responders and volunteers during the worst shooting incident in U.S. history.

St. Louis roast beef chain enlists food truck to tackle new markets

Seeing a big demand for sliced roast beef, Lion's Choice sees a food truck as a good way to expand its market presence.

How safe is your truck’s food?

Nationwide data on food safety violations for food trucks is not yet readily available. Food Truck Operator's survey will shed light on today's food truck safety practices.

Why a Detroit foodservice operator is steering into Asian food truck cuisine

While many of today's restaurants view food trucks as a way to extend their brand to new customers, Ray Friedrich evaluated the food truck option as a new business opportunity, and developed his concept based on what he saw as a local market need.

Food trucks spring into action to help Hurricane Irma victims

Once again, food trucks are playing a key role in disaster relief. Millions in the Southeast are still without power following Hurricane Irma.

White Castle’s 'Crave Mobiles' racking up more miles

White Castle food trucks have allowed the company to extend its presence in markets that aren't as well served by its brick and mortar restaurants, helping to bolster the company brand nationwide.

Shaved ice/ice cream truck franchise offers rewarding second career

A shaved ice and ice cream truck franchise was the right career change for the third generation owner of a family finance business.

Food trucks assisting Hurricane Harvey victims

The desire to support the relief effort was widespread among food truck operators throughout the region.

Kansas City pizza truck earns points in building brand visibility, Part 2

The fast casual pizza concept is still new to a lot of people, and the food truck has improved customer awareness of this concept.

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