Florida meat supplier recalls contaminated beef

Ottomanelli Wholesale Meats, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based supplier to food trucks and restaurants, has recalled 1,000 pounds of fresh and frozen raw beef after company testing found E. coli in some beef, according to the Miami Herald.

Tommy Dietch, Ottomanelli office manager, said that while the USDA recall notice said the company recalled 6,020 pounds of beef, this was the total amount produced from June 17 through July 11, most of which has been used or tossed already. Only 100 10-pound bags or boxes of beef need to be tracked down.

The beef that needs to be recalled includes Ottomanelli 4-ounce, 5-ounce or 6-ounce beef patties; Nu Vista Foods Group 4-ounce beef patties; Debren Foods 8-ounce beef "batties"; and a 10-pound bulk bag of fresh raw Ottomanelli Beef Patty Mix.

Topics: Food & Beverage, Health & Nutrition, Purchasing

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