RemcoSPC introduces pizza ovens for food trucks and trailers

Remco Specialty Products Co. has introduced the Millennium 2000 CT2 and Daytona V4 carousel brick ovens for food trucks and trailers. The ovens are UL and NSF listed and are approved for direct venting, meaning that no hood is required, according to a press release.


The CT2 and V4 produce fresh brick oven pizza in 90 seconds and, depending on the model used and the pizza size, can produce up to 150 pizzas within one hour.

The CT2's rotating stone measures 22 inches in diameter while the V4 rotating stone has a 31-inch stone allowing greater production per cycle. Both models are built with a patented air cooled cabinet keeping the exterior of the oven cool to the touch with virtually little to no excess heat load applied to the kitchen.

The CT2 measures 30 by 30 by 38 inches and weighs approximately 350 pounds.

The V4 measures 38 by 39 by 36 inches and weighs around 550 pounds.


No additional reinforcement to the suspension or floor is needed. The ovens have a rotating stone supported by a heavy-gauge steel support. The pizzas need no shuffling or moving while cooking. 

The Remco ovens are LP- or natural gas-fired and require a 120 VAC, 5-amp power connection. During the 45-minute heat up, gas consumption is 60,000 BTUs and drops to nearly 38,000 while cooking. The patented cooking process employs a unique combustion technique that holds consumption to a fraction of what other ovens use.

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