Five eco-friendly appliances and disposables for your food truck

| by Richard Traylor
Five eco-friendly appliances and disposables for your food truck

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Customers are growing more and more concerned with protecting the environment. As a result, they are expecting food trucks and other foodservice establishments to offer eco-friendly choices. Some food truck operators may think that environmentally friendly appliances and biodegradable disposables will be more expensive, but we compiled a list of five easy eco-friendly products that you can use in your food truck without breaking the bank. 

1. Biodegradable Plastic Bags: One of the easiest eco-friendly alternatives for food trucks is to use biodegradable plastic bags. Unlike plastic bags, these products break down after they're thrown away, so they don't take up room in landfills. Although these bags are made out of biodegradable materials, they have the same strength as regular bags, so you don't have to worry about them ripping or the handles breaking. 

2. Biodegradable Takeout Containers and Disposable Dinnerware: Whether you serve your food in takeout containers or on disposable plates, you can reduce your impact by switching to sustainable and biodegradable options. Additionally, many of these disposable products have a rustic and earthy look, which is an ideal complement if you're serving salads or healthy foods. 

3. Biodegradable Straws: Many cities and states are creating new laws and regulations to persuade food trucks and other foodservice establishments to use eco-friendly disposables, like utensils, dinnerware and straws. As a result, your operation should consider making the switch from plastic to environmentally friendly biodegradable straws. Not only are these straws better for the environment than plastic options, but they're also affordable to buy in bulk. 

4. Energy Star Qualified Undercounter Refrigerators: While disposables may be an obvious choice when reducing your food truck's impact on the environment, there are several types of eco-friendly appliances as well. Energy Star qualified undercounter refrigerators are ideal because they provide a refrigerated storage space for prepped foods without taking up too much space. They're also qualified by Energy Star, a government-backed agency, ensuring that they use less energy and run more efficiently than standard refrigerators.

5. Energy Star Qualified Electric Griddles: Griddles and flattops are important pieces of equipment in food trucks, and environmentally friendly options are an excellent alternative. These products have the same cooking power and functionality as regular griddles, but they run more efficiently and use less electricity. Because Energy Star qualified electric flattops use less energy, they're eco-friendly and can even help you save money on your utilities. 

Using eco-friendly products and equipment in your food truck can not only reduce your business's impact on the environment, but it can also lower your utility bill. Additionally, customers are increasingly more concerned with choosing businesses that are environmentally conscious. As a result, using eco-friendly products and having an environmentally friendly business model can bring in new customers and business. 

Photos courtesy of Webstaurant Store.

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